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Your Inner Child: Don’t Grow Up Without Me

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

So we all know that a lot of us growing up couldn’t wait for the magical number eighteen. We all had this magical picture in our minds that once we’re eighteen, we are officially adults. We can do whatever we want, go wherever we want, and life will be so much more amazing than it is as a child. However, in our rush to become adults, we forget there is a certain simplicity and freedom that we forget to bring over into this new occurrence that is adulthood. You might be asking what exactly is it that I mean by that? I am speaking about your inner child. What is that? Your inner child is a compilation of all ages, from birth to what is considered adulthood(Sjöblom et al., 2016). Each developmental age is not left behind but forms a decent part of us (Sjöblom et al., 2016). It is crucial to nurture this part of ourselves because as we grow older, our responsibilities increase, and stress, anxiety, depression, and many other things.

By catering to this part of ourselves, we can balance the responsibilities of adulthood then while simultaneously allowing ourselves the freedom of childlike innocence and still enjoying life. Who did you see yourself becoming as a child? A crime-fighting ballerina? Vet? Teacher? Whatever it is, it’s not too late to fulfill that part of yourself. Don’t worry. I’m not telling you to pile on more student loans or spend more time in school. There are easier ways to fulfill those desires. Wanted to be a vet? Volunteer in an animal shelter, crime-fighting ballerina? Take some karate and dance classes. Take back your imagination and believe in the seemingly impossible again! Your younger self and your current version of yourself will thank you.

Reference: Sjöblom, M., Öhrling, K., Prellwitz, M., & Kostenius, C. (2016, June 16). Health throughout the lifespan: The phenomenon of the inner child reflected in events during childhood experienced by older persons. International journal of qualitative studies on health and well-being.

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