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Suicide Prevention Awareness: Let’s Remove the Stigma!

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month!!! While supporting and standing with Suicide Prevention Awareness every year, this year I challenged myself to do more research on suicide prevention. After being enlightened on the statistics, I was shocked to find that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the America (SAVE, 2021). Which lead me to ask myself why the topic is not talked about more? So… Why isn’t suicide discussed more in our society? One word…. Stigma! In society there are many social stigmas that exist. Race, sexuality, and obesity are examples of social backgrounds that are enabled by the stigmas that give society a negative stereotype. Removing the stigma placed on suicide and mental health could change mindsets and save lives. An example of stigmas placed on suicide is that people with suicidal thoughts are “crazy”, dangerous and suffering from mental health issues. These same stigmas are the reasons people in society are reluctant to even speak on the topic of suicide for fear of being associated with negativity. Avoiding the conversation of suicide awareness gives temporary comfort to those who find the topic taboo. However, it does not prevent suicide. To successfully prevent suicide, we (as a society) need to get uncomfortable! As we close out this Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, let’s all challenge ourselves and our communities to get uncomfortable! Let’s discuss suicidal thoughts and what we can do to prevent suicide as a whole, let’s discuss symptoms, let’s discuss counseling and anything else that promotes a healthy life style. It’s 2021, LET’S REMOVE THE STIGMA!

Call the National Suicide

Prevention Lifeline at

800-273-TALK (8255)

or call 911 immediately.

If you’re uncomfortable with talking, Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor


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